The Golden Child Sculpture


This sculpture is called the Golden Child which was created in honor of Nikita Khrushchev. Earlier in his career Krushchev had banished the sculptor Ernst Neïzvestny. Neïzvestny had created a sculpture of contemporary art and the soviet leader felt the artist was “degenerate” and their art was “shit”. Neïzvestny offered to discuss his feelings of the art and express his inspiration behind it. Krushchev refused to do so. Eventually they did get to speak and Krushchev was straight to the point making him easy to talk to. They patched things up. The moral of the story is don’t look down on anyone else’s work because even though your opinion is negative, everyone should be given a chance for their gift to generate positivity.


Moscow – The Russian-American sculptor Ernst Neïzvestny, known for his monumental sculptures and for a famous and famous dispute with the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, whose tomb he later conceived.

The death of the artist, born in the USSR and become American, was announced by a Russian journalist based in the United States, Oleg Sulkine, and then confirmed by the Russian authorities.

” He was rightly considered one of the best contemporary sculptors. His death is an irreparable loss for culture, ” the Kremlin said in a statement.


In 1962, when Neïzvestny inaugurated an exhibition of contemporary art, the Soviet leader at the time had described the Neïzvestny as a “degenerate” and his art as “shit.”

Nezzvestny, decorated for heroic conduct during the Second World War, had replied to Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, “not to be afraid of [his] threats ” and had proposed to explain his art to him.

The Soviet leader had refused and hammered that the artist had spoiled materials that could have been used in the Soviet industry.

The leader then recommended Neïzvestny leave the USSR, which immediately led to the expulsion of Ernst Neïzvestny from the powerful Union des Artistes.

Nevertheless, the leader and the sculptor had an unexpected relationship.

” You’re an interesting person. You have the devil in you, but also an angel somewhere , “Nikita Khrushchev told the artist, reported in an interview in 1979.

” In spite of the atmosphere of fear, it was easy to talk to him ,” said the artist. ” Khrushchev was very direct, which enabled me to answer him so directly. ”

In 1971, on the death of Khrushchev, who had been dismissed from power in 1964, the artist was commissioned by his family to sculpt his funerary stele.

The tomb of the former Soviet number one is an example of the art he had formerly vilified: a black and white composition, with Khrushchev’s head in the middle, to testify to the duality of this man who was the first to denounce the crimes of Stalin, after having been a faithful servant.

In 1976, when the USSR was headed by Leonid Brezhnev, the sculptor left the USSR by evoking ” aesthetic disagreements with the regime ” . He settled in Switzerland before leaving the following year in the United States.

Dedicated to 200th anniversary of Odessa, Ukraine. The 5-meter-tall bronze monument is known as the world’s largest baby figure. Its second title is ‘A Monument to Unborn Genius’. It stands in front of Odessa’s maritime port. Commenting on the work, Neizvestny said it was the first time he had created a monument “in a bright, joyous, romantic way,” calling his sculpture “a bright, full of sunshine image of a giant being born.” Monument “The Golden Child” opened in 1995 by the famous sculptor Ernst Neizvestny. It is his gift to the city. The monument symbolizes the tree, the fruit of which there is a child. According to the author, it “represents something new, nascent, which belongs to the future.” This sculpture is dedicated to all the brilliant children of Odessa. His decision to build a monument to the sculptor expressed unusual after he visited Odessa in the war. He was struck by the devastation in the city, but the fortress unbroken spirit Odessites past two and a half years of occupation. This contrast is remembered for future sculptor. A plaster model of the monument was moved piece by piece from the studio of the sculptor in New York, where at that time lived and worked by the author. She was taken to an ocean vessel to Odessa. Next, the model was taken to Kiev , where plaster molds were cast and assembled together bronze details. Four-meter figure of the baby became the world`s largest baby figure. Opening of the monument was timed to the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The opening was attended by the author of the monument.
The chubby bronze baby busting out of a futuristic metallic egg in front of the port station is a representation of “The Golden Age”. The boy looks down philosophically at visitors who grab his toes and pose. Locals believe that touching the toddler will ensure a successful voyage. Golden Child Sculpture is a masterpiece of Ernst Neizvestny.

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