If you’re here and you’re seeing this message then you are an influencer whether you realize it or not. You did some research after seeing something and in search of the answer you found this post. I’m not sure what specific answer you’re looking for, but I am sure that solving this riddle will teach you of the tools to find it. That is the purpose of this challenge to give back to everyone that participates. If you would like to participate comment your Twitter username on this post, being the first X to participate comes with its own reward. I am also organizing fundraising opportunities for disaster relief. If you would like to extend an opportunity to collaborate you can e-mail me at hello@NdajiyaSuberu.xyz or reach out to me on Twitter.

This TED Talk is the first hint about how to solve this riddle. This talk by Tony Robbins is a great one that discusses the “invisible forces” that motivate everyone’s actions.


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